Gifted Services


  • All students are tested for reading and math in grades 2 through 5 using the i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment.
  • All students in 2nd and 4th grade are tested for superior cognitive ability by taking the Cognitive Abilities Test.


  • Referrals for gifted testing can be submitted from teachers, parents, or students.
  • The district Gifted Instructional Specialist (GIS)/Gifted Coordinator will administer the TerraNova3 and/or the CogAT, Form 7 Cognitive Abilities Assessment to determine gifted identification for those referred.
  • Students scoring in the 95th percentile or greater on the reading, math, science, and/or social studies tests qualify for subject- specific gifted identification in that particular area. *Students scoring 128 or greater on the Inview or CogAT Form 7 Cognitive Abilities Assessment will receive an identification as gifted in Superior Cognitive Thinking skills.
  • The ACT can also be used as an identifying test in the areas of reading and math as indicated by the percentile data chart from the current year.
  • Students can also be identified in creative thinking ability by achieving at least a 112 on the Superior Cognitive assessment and a total of 111 on the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scale.
  • Visual and performing arts are also identified by the Ohio State Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scale.


Parents and teachers will be notified of the test results within 30 days after the results are available to the district.


The following are services offered for the identified gifted students in the district.
  • Cluster grouping of identified students with the regular classroom teacher with professional development and collaboration from the Gifted Instructional Specialist. *
  • Acceleration in specific subjects or whole grade *
Middle and High School:
  • Cluster grouping *
  • Acceleration in specific subjects *
  • Differentiated curriculum *
  • Honors classes *
  • Advanced Placement Classes *
  • College Credit Plus
  • Mentorships
* The indicated services above are offered through regular classroom teachers who have completed the minimum required hours for professional development in gifted education and collaborate with the Gifted Intervention Specialist in the district.


6th Grade- National History Day Competition
7th-8th Grade- National History Day Competition
8th Grade- Land Use Debate


Students in the Margaretta School District are identified as gifted by the Ohio Department of Education Operating Standards.

Gifted Information

Gifted Supervisor:  

Brandi Goodwin

Gifted Teacher:

Mrs. Dana Belak
District Gifted Coordinator

Margaretta Local Schools
305 S. Washington St.
Castalia, OH 44824
Phone: (419) 684-5357

Gifted Referrals

If you would like to refer your child for gifted testing, please click on the link below and complete the referral form. The gifted coordinator will be notified of this referral and you will receive further information about the gifted testing procedures.

Gifted Referral Form
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