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Washington D.C. Trip News
Just a reminder that all students need to be at the high school next Tuesday 21st morning between 5:15 & 5:30. Parents, you will need to sign your student in. All paperwork for medicine on the trip must be in and your child's name on prescription or on over the counter meds. Put in ziplock bag. Make sure that all clothing that you are taking has been washed prior due to kids who could have an allergy to your animal that your student is rooming with. Students need to eat breakfast and bring a lunch & drink with them Tuesday. Chaperones will need to park in the main parking lot beside the school and not across the street or in front of school. Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep Monday night. You can also bring suntan lotion because they are calling for 80 degree weather all week. We will have 2 cans to spray on the kids arms if needed. Dress code policy is in effect on trip and please check your daughters length of sundresses, that they are not to short. Arms length please! Any questions, please email or call my cell 419-366-5679. Enjoy your time- your child will be in good hands & having a great time too!