Washington D.C. Trip News

We are closing in on finishing our 1st fundraiser of the Polar Bear Cards. I have approximately 35 left. If you are still selling, these will go to first ones sent in.

Reminder that your second deposit of 100.00 is due on Nov. 30th. Please do not be late and have your child lose out on their trip. Please plan accordingly. Remember, you will be refunded your deposits if you sell enough through fundraisers. Better to be safe than sorry.

Next fundraiser will be getting a box of candy before the Christmas break. You could start telling family & friends that you will be selling subs for the super bowl  too!
Medical form on page 7 is due in April 30th only if your child takes meds daily or if you want to send Tylenol or allergy medication etc. Wait til April in case your child's meds change before hand.
We still have cards left and will sell til Nov. 1st- then the elementary will be selling them.
Any questions- email me at kmiller@margarettaschooldistrict.com

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