Washington D.C. Trip News

With our last 100.00 payment coming up next week Jan. 30th, If you know that your fundraising has put you close to or over the cost of your child's trip, then don't make that last payment. Again, this is only if you have sold in cards, subs & candy roughly 450.00 or more!
If you are not sure, please feel free to email me during school hours. I will be out of state this weekend so I will not be able to check again until Monday 27th.

Reminder- next Sat. Feb 1st- we will be making subs for those of you who sold them. Please remember your boxes, bags or coolers to take your subs home. One adult must be with your student.  Please be here by 8:45 so that we can start at 9am. We hope to be done by 12. You must stay until every sub is made. Checks for subs made to Margaretta schools & one check for your order is due by Wednesday Feb 5th.
Candy sales will continue through the month of February.

Any questions, email me at kmiller@margarettaschooldistrict.com

See everyone on Saturday 1st.
I will be handing out 1 box of candy on Thursday 19th, before Christmas break for your child to sell. If you would like more- up to 3 boxes (unless you are paying for them in advance) I will need this in writing with your signature saying this and put into DC box by Tuesday 17th. Now, if you wish for your child NOT to sell any candy, I also need that in writing by the 17th so that I don't give them any.

Candy has 36 bars selling at 1.00 each and you will make 18.00 of the 36.00. Turning in money for candy bars will be the same as Polar Bear cards. All money goes into an envelope with students name, dollar amount turned in and if you would like more. Here is an example:
Marissa Parkhurst-$ 36.00(turning in) 2 more boxes 1- tri & 1- pretzel.

Now for your records- paying with a check is best! Please double check your cash. NO more than 4-5 dollars in quarters only. Take your change to the bank.
Order sheets will be next to the DC box, when you would like to get more candy if you are all paid up. NO more than 3 boxes will be out, without payment. Candy will be delivered to the students last period, just like cards. Slips for candy turned in at lunch time will go home that day. After 1:00, will be the next day.

Any questions- email me at kmiller@margarettaschooldistrict.com

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