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2010-09-28 Board Minutes


The Margaretta Board of Education met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Monday September 28, 2010 at the Administrative Offices to hold its regular meeting.

Mr. Lippert called the meeting to order with roll call: all present.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, second by Mr. Myers, to approve the minutes from the August 16, 2010 Regular Meeting and the August 30, 2010 Special Meeting; Roll call: all ayes.

The Financial Report and Schedule of Bills

Mr. Hammond mentioned that the schedule of bills, Financial Report, Budget-to-Actual Reports and Energy Cost reports were included in the agenda. Mr. Hammond stated that the statements reflects the month-to-date information from the prior fiscal year for comparison purposes. He mentioned that this year, Real Estate tax collections are up over $130,000 from same period last fiscal year. He stated that this may be an indication that delinquent tax collections are up and that delinquency on current taxes are down.

Board and Staff Reports:

Mr. Kurt introduced members of the Margaretta PTO Sandi Stout, Tom Johnson, Bridget Jones, and Candice Haynes. Mr. Kurt thanked them for their work in painting and upgrading the playground equipment at the Elementary building.

Public Participation:

Christine Stark made a presentation on behalf of the Margaretta Citizens in Support of EHOVE committee. Christine spoke in support of the upcoming 1.50 mill replacement property tax levy for EHOVE which will be on the November 2 ballot.

Introduction of Additional Items to the Agenda:

Mr. Kurt requested that the following items be added under his report: under New Business, add item number 3, a motion to answer the Ohio School Facilities Commission regarding the timing of funds available, and under Personal Action Classified, add to item number 6, FFA volunteers.

Treasurer's Report:

Motion by Mr. Myers, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to adopt Board Resolution number 10-11-14, to approve expenditures that exceed $3,000 that have met the "then and now' statutory requirements; Roll Call: All ayes.

Mr. Hammond presented a resolution to adopt the Official Budget for the 2010-2011 Fiscal Year. By statute, the Official Budget must be approved by the Board within the first 90 days of the Fiscal Year. We have been operating on a Temporary Budget since July 1st. The Budget presented to the Board totals $14,397,946 for all funds, of which the General Operating Fund is $11,811,124. Last year the Official Budget was approved totaling $13,660,727, the General Fund was $11,470,876. Mr. Hammond stated that the increase in the General Fund budget is nearly entirely attributed to the change in accounting for Open Enrollment Out of the District.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to adopt Board Resolution number 10-11-15, adopting the Official Budget for Fiscal Year 2010-2011; Roll Call: All ayes.

Mr. Hammond then presented the Districts Five-year Forecast for Fiscal years 2011 through 2015. Mr. Hammond stated that the forecast reflects that the district will have a positive cash balance at the end of Fiscal Year 2012. This is due primarily to the passage of a $1,205,965 Emergency property tax levy in August. The forecast reflects a change in the way the district accounts for Open Enrollment into and out of the district. In the past, we accounted for the net difference between the receipts and expenses. The Ohio Department of Education and Auditor of State recommend that the district account for the gross revenue and the expense. Recently Congress approved a Jobs bill that will provide $238,000 to the district from October 2010 through September 2012, as a way to bridge the gap in Stimulus funding set to expire in 2011. The assumptions in expenditures includes 2% salary increases over the four future fiscal years, a 5% increase in health insurance over the same period, and restore the budgets to purchase textbooks.

Motion by Mr. Myers, seconded by Mr. Stark, to adopt Board Resolution number 10-11-16, adopting a Five-year Forecast for Fiscal Years 2011 through 2015; Roll Call: All ayes.

Superintendent's Report:

New Business:

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to adopt Board Resolution number 10-11-17, approving out-of-state travel for the FFA to attend the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 19 through October 23, 2010; Roll Call: All ayes.

Motion by Mr. Rankin, seconded by Mr. Stark, to seek a waiver from the ODE for body mass index and weight status requirements for the 2010-2011 school year; Roll call: All ayes.

Mr. Kurt read to the board from a correspondence received from the Ohio School Facilities Commission request a response to the district intentions on funding future school construction projects. Three options were presented to the Board. The OSFC is requesting the intention of the Board to be submitted prior to the next Board meeting.

Motion by Mr. Myers, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to approve the District intent to forego, at this time, the preparation of a facility plan for possible OSFC approval by July 2012, and have OSFC contact the District as the offer of funding becomes available; Roll call: all ayes.

Personnel Actions:

Certified Staff:

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Myers, to approve the employment of the following supplemental positions:

Brittany Pickett – JV Girls Basketball at Level 1,
Marnie Szymanski – Jr. High Swimming at Level 1,
Sandy Carroll – Entry Year Mentor,
Teal Balduff – Entry Year Mentor,
Angie Tucker – Mentor Teacher and split Entry Year Mentor,
Wendy Kimberlin – Mentor Teacher,
Jen Bordner – Mentor Teacher,
Melissa Kuns – Mentor Teacher, and
Marnie Hallet-Szymanski – Split Entry Year Mentor

Roll Call: All ayes.

Classified Staff:

Motion by Mr. Rankin, seconded by Mr. Bodey, to accept the resignations of
Cathy Guyton, Administrative Assistant for the purpose of retirement effective January 1, 2011, and
Karen Cyr, Kitchen Helper, for the purpose of retirement
Effective October 1, 2010;

Roll Call: All ayes.

Mr. Kurt stated his appreciation of the service that each of these employees gave to the district.

Motion by Mr. Myers, seconded by Mr. Stark, to employ Karen Gearheart as Kitchen Helper at 0 years experience;

Roll Call: All ayes.

Motion by Bodey, seconded by Mr. Myers, to employ the following substitutes:

Daniel Auxter – transportation,
Debra McEowen – lunchroom,
Melinda Kromer – lunchroom,
Rebecca Kuns – lunchroom,
Renea Dority – lunchroom,
Pamela Gosser – lunchroom, and
Stephanie Jackson – transportation aide;


to enter into supplemental contract with Denny Bailey as 8th Grade Boys Basketball at Level 4;

Roll Call: All ayes.

Motion by Mr. Stark, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to approve the following student field experience:

Tom Crawford with Ashland College, from October 11 through November 9, 2010 at the High School,
Christine Oulette obeservatio with Marnie Hallet-Szymanski, and
Katie Keefer observation with Cyndi Hedden;

And approve the following volunteers:

Ashley Rommell – cheerleading,
Greg Wiedenheft – basketball,
Dave Yetter – FFA
Holly Yetter – FFA
Mandy Lane – FFA
Mark Bodey – FFA
Sherry Bodey – FFA
Lisa Bailey – FFA, and
Edith Kuns - FFA;

Roll Call: All ayes, except Mr. Bodey abstained.

Old Business:

No old business remained for the board to consider.

Informational Items:

Mr. Kurt mentioned to the Board that the District is hosting a Senior Citizens Fall Gathering event on Tuesday October 19, 2010 to provide brunch, a performance of our band, choir and provide information about conversion levy and the homestead exemption program.

Mr. Hammond stated that the grant that the district applied for earlier in the year, Integrating Mental Health Systems in Education, was not approved by the United States Department of Education. The grant would have paid for social workers to work with families in our district.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to enter into executive session to discuss negotiations; Roll Call: all ayes.

The Board convened into executive session at 8:00 p.m.

Mr. Kurt and Mr. Hammond were requested to attend the executive session by the Board.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, second by Mr. Stark, the board returned from executive session at 8:46 p.m. Roll call: all ayes.

Motion by Mr. Myers, second by Mr. Bodey to adjourn the meeting having no further business to come before the board; Roll call: all ayes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Jude T. Hammond
Treasurer/Business Manager


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