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2012-09-06 Board Minutes (Special)


The Margaretta Board of Education met in special session at 5:00 P.M. on Thursday September 6, 2012 at the Administration Building.

Mrs. McMahon called the meeting to order with roll call;

Mr. Lippert: present,
Mr. Bodey: present,
Mr. Rankin: present,
Mrs. Kelble: present,
Mrs. McMahon: present

Mrs. McMahon thanked the Board members for taking time to participate in this work session. She stated that the purpose of the sessions is to obtain a clear direction for the staff to execute and communicate with our community. She said that this may take several meetings like this to accomplish that goal.

Mr. Kurt discussed Chain of Command procedures that have been in place and stated that if this should change to let him know.

Mr. Kurt distributed binders with agendas and documents pertaining to the subject areas.

The first item on the agenda was a review of the District's Mission Statement. After some discussion on the statement, Mr. Rankin volunteered to prepare amended draft versions for the Board to review at the next Work Session.

Mr. Hammond presented a draft five year forecast updating the most recently approved Board forecast executed in May. Mr. Hammond stated that he needs to continue to analyze the financials before presenting a forecast for adoption. The forecast is due to Columbus in October.

There was a lengthy discussion about the financial position of the district and it led to a discussion on tax levies. It appears as though, we will not be on the ballot with a levy until 2014.

The next item on the agenda was an analysis of the Board and District's strengths and weaknesses. It was agreed that the Board and District needs to continue to work on communication.

The next item on the agenda was to discuss Board and District Goals. Most of the discussion centered around the delivery system of our educational programs, changes occurring from the State Board of Education, and the ever changing environment driven by advances in technology. The Board agreed that the goals will be an ongoing discussion as the Board works through this process.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to adjourn the meeting having no further business to come before the Board; Roll Call: Mr. Bodey: aye; Mr. Rankin: aye; Mrs. Kelble: aye; Mr. Lippert: aye; Mrs. McMahon: aye.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Jude T. Hammond


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Mr. Brian Sutorius

Mr. Andrew Warner, President

Mrs. Mandi Yetter

Mr. Dennis Mock, Superintendent

Mrs. Diane Keegan, Treasurer

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