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2012-12-06 Board Minutes (Special)


The Margaretta Board of Education met in special session at 5:00 P.M. on Thursday December 6, 2012 at the Administration Building.

Mrs. McMahon called the meeting to order with roll call;

Mr. Lippert: present,
Mr. Bodey: present,
Mrs. Kelble: present,
Mrs. McMahon: present

Mr. Rankin arrived at 5:15 p.m.

Mrs. McMahon thanked the Board members and staff for taking time to participate in this work session.

Mr. Carroll, Support Services Director, made a presentation on the status of the bus fleet. There was a discussion on the cost to replace a bus, what steps we could take to maintain our fleet, the role of the State Highway Patrol has in certifying the use of our buses for the transportation of students, and the possibility of using Permanent Improvement levy proceeds to replace an additional bus.

Mr. Bohn, Athletic Director, and Mr. Roth, High School Principal discussed the status of the Sandusky Bay Conference. Mr. Bohn talked about a possible merger with the Northern Ohio League into an eighteen team league comprised of three divisions, subdivided by enrollment size. Margaretta would be part of the "small school" division. The disparity between Sandusky St. Mary's and Perkins Schools has grown to a point where St. Mary's is looking to join another league. If that happens, Margaretta would be the smallest school in the conference based upon enrollment numbers. The Margaretta Athletic Council met last month and although they would hope that the league will remain intact, we should keep our options open.

Mr. Rankin prepared an updated Mission Statement that was modified slightly and agreed upon by the Board. The new Mission Statement will be presented and acted upon at the December 17th Board Meeting.

Mrs. McMahon distributed a new Superintendent evaluation form and also Board policies addressing when the evaluation should occur. The format favors an evaluation at the beginning and conclusion of each school year. However, with the incorporation of the new form being introduced in the middle of the school year and the typical evaluation occurring in December or January this year will be a transition year for the new format. There was a discussion of when the evaluation should be completed by and it was recommended to occur "no later than January 31st each year. This will be included in as an amendment to the policies of the Board at a future meeting.

Mrs. McMahon discussed the Committees of the Board. The current policies speak to the creation of a Finance Committee, although one does not exist. The State Auditor has recommended an Audit Committee be established. It was suggested that the Finance Committee could also act as the Audit Committee and should include members from the community with financial background. The Board will continue to pursue this committee moving forward.

The Board reviewed other policies, but no changes were necessary. Mrs. McMahon would like the Board to review policies on a regular basis to make sure the Board is current and active on Session.

Mr. Hammond discussed the financial position of the District with a focus on capital improvements. The discussion centered around making improvements at the High School, the use of Ohio School Facility Commission project and what revenue sources would be needed.

Mr. Hammond told the Board that Edison Local Schools will be pursuing a full-time Treasurer and that at this time, the Shared Services Agreement will expire on January 9, 2013.

It was decided to schedule the next Work Session at a later time.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to adjourn the meeting having no further business to come before the Board; Roll Call: Mr. Bodey: aye; Mr. Rankin: aye; Mrs. Kelble: aye; Mr. Lippert: aye; Mrs. McMahon: aye.

Meeting adjourned at 8:37 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Jude T. Hammond


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Mrs. Diane Keegan, Treasurer

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