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2016-02-08 Board Minutes (Special)


The Margaretta Board of Education met in special session at 5:00 P.M. on Monday, February 8, 2016 at the Administration Building.

Mr. Lippert called the meeting to order with roll call:

Mr. Miller: present,
Mr. Schoenegge: present,
Mr. Sutorius: present,
Mr. Warner: present,
Mr. Lippert: present

Treasurer's Report:

Motion by Mr. Schoenegge, seconded by Mr. Miller, to adopt Board Resolution number 15-16-45 to approve a Shared Services contract with Danbury-Lakeside Local School District to provide Itinerant Pre-School services for the 2015-16 school year; Roll call: Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mr. Sutrorius: aye, Mr. Warner: aye, Mr. Miller: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Superintendent's Report:

Motion by Mr. Warner, seconded by Mr. Miller, to adopt Board Resolution number 15-16-46 to approve a Memorandum of Understanding with Bowling Green State University to provide for Dual Enrollment opportunities within the College Credit Plus Program for the 2016-17 school year; Roll call: Mr. Sutorius: aye, Mr. Warner: aye, Mr. Miller: aye, Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Work Session:

Athletic Director Ryan Bohn led a discussion on the status of the Sandusky Bay Conference (SBC). This school year will be final year of the current format of the SBC. Starting with the 2016-17 school year, the conference will have two divisions – Bay Division for larger schools and River Division for smaller schools. Margaretta will participate in the River Division for Football and then in the Bay Division for all other sports.

There has been discussion amongst the Athletic Directors, Coaches, Administrators and, in some cases, School Boards, about reconfiguring the conference once again. The proposal would include adding schools from the current Northern Ohio League (NOL) to form a third division. There would be an additional six schools added from the NOL including Bellevue, Norwalk, Sandusky, Shelby, Tiffin and Willard. The format would be eight schools participating in the new division for football, which would include five of the NOL schools plus Clyde, Perkins and Vermilion; with Willard joining the Bay Division. The new Bay Division would have five schools: Edison, Huron, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton and Willard. The River Division would remain the same: Fremont St. Joe's, Lakota, Margaretta, Sandusky St. Mary's, and Tiffin Calvert. For other sports, Fostoria St. Wendelin, New Riegel, and Old Fort would be added to the River Division and Margaretta would move to the Bay Division, and either Shelby or Vermilion would move to the Bay Division providing a balance of seven schools in each division.

There was discussion amongst the Board on the possibilities. The consensus of the Board, Mr. Schroer and Mr. Hammond that there does not appear to be any downside for Margaretta remaining in the SBC under the new proposal. Mr. Bohn said that discussions on the concept will continue and he will keep the Board, Mr. Schroer and Mr. Smith informed of the progress of the this process.

Middle School/High School Principal Rod Smith led a discussion on his vision for the educational delivery system beginning next school year. He discussed expanding the Vocational-Agricultural program, increase the exposure of vocational programming to Middle School students, increasing the number of Advanced Placement courses for Juniors and Seniors, provide dual credit courses and encourage faculty to pursue a master's degree in their subject area with the idea to increase the number of dual credit coursework offerings, and to expand the music department.

This invoked a lively discussion on all the topics presented. Some of the concerns revolved around the emphasis on vocational tracking of students, how are parents and students going to react to being required to take music coursework for an additional year, scheduling, financial impact of increasing faculty, extended days for Vo-Ag teachers, declining enrollment of High School students taking College Credit Plus coursework or enrolling with Townsend Community School. Mr. Smith and Mr. Schroer will continue to move the vision forward and will keep the Board informed of the changes as they occur.

Mr. Hammond and Mr. Schroer led a discussion on the status of our facilities and the potential options available to address facilities in the near future. Mr. Hammond stated we have three possible directions to explore when it comes to our facilities, we can (1) pursue a new Middle School/High School with the assistance of the State, (2) modify and/or expand our existing Middle School/High School with the possible assistance of Townsend Community School, or (3) continue to operate as is within our existing footprint while focusing on efficiencies. The goal of the Board is to provide a system that supports student achievement. It is believed that we continue to prioritize our operating resources for the classroom.

There are a couple of factors that will create pressure on the Board to make a decision sooner than later, (1) the increasing number of physically handicapped students in our Elementary School that will be progressing academically into the Middle School/High School facility beginning next school year and (2) the District's Permanent Improvement levy is expiring in tax year 2016, with the associated tax revenue expiring after calendar year 2017 unless the voters renew or replace that levy.

Mr. Hammond stated that last month the Facilities Sub-committee of the Board met with five vendors who could help us depending upon the direction of the Board. There was a general discussion on what these vendors could provide for the District. Some of the proposals focused on energy savings programs which would be important if we want to or have to continue to operate in our existing footprint. Some could provide architectural and engineering support for modifying our buildings and/or building new.

The consensus of the Board was to start with developing a Master Plan or Plans and to include possible short-term improvements necessary to accommodate our physically-handicapped students next year. In addition, the Board is interested in pursuing a lighting project to upgrade to LED lighting districtwide and to pursue grant funds to support the savings. Mr. Hammond will contact the two vendors that the Board would like to pursue to accomplish our goals.

Motion by Mr. Warner, seconded by Mr. Miller, to adjourn the meeting having no further business to come before the Board; Roll Call: Mr. Warner: aye, Mr. Miller: aye, Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mr. Sutorius: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Elmer Lippert
Board President

Jude T. Hammond


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Mr. Brian Sutorius

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