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2015-10-19 Board Minutes


The Margaretta Board of Education met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Monday October 19, 2015 at the Administrative Offices.

Mr. Lippert called the meeting to order with roll call:

Mrs. Kelble: Present
Mrs. McMahon: Present
Mr. Schoenegge: Present
Mr. Lippert: Present.

Mr. Miller was excused from attending.

Motion by Mrs. McMahon, seconded by Mrs. Kelble, to approve the minutes from the September 30, 2015 Regular Meeting and the October 9, 2015 Special Meeting; Roll call: Mrs. McMahon: aye, Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mrs. Kelble: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

The Financial Report and Schedule of Bills

Mr. Hammond stated that the District's General Fund is ahead of last fiscal year to date primarily due to the reimbursement of Tangible Personal Property Tax Loss from the State in August. This fiscal year is the first time that the reimbursement occurred in August and February. Since fiscal year 2006, the reimbursements had been received in November and May. The reimbursement amount was $550,483 in August.

Student Success in Action:

Mr. Schroer introduced Keith Taylor, High School/Middle School Assistant Principal, to present the High School Student Government activities this school year. Rebecca Denman and Eryn Spicer made a presentation on Homecoming activities including bringing back the "snake dance." Lydia Bias and Meredith Troxel spoke about participating in Sawmill Festival of Lights. Marnie Hallett-Szymanski and Sarah Roan informed the Board that the Leadership Class has been recognized as the #1 Youth Organization in Erie County for their role in the Relay for Life program. The Leadership Class raised over $4,000 for Cancer Research. Mr. Schroer had each of the students who made a presentation to sign a book to be donated and placed in the High School Library.

Mr. Schroer introduced Keven Wise, Sarah Weller and Danielle Comparette who are Language Arts teachers in the Middle School/High School. The teachers made a presentation on the Teacher Leader Cadre for English Literacy. The presentation was based upon the Doctrine of Seven concepts to be applied in the classroom.

Mr. Schroer then announced that Alyssa Widman-Niese from the Sandusky Register has been approved as a recipient of the Ohio School Boards Association Media Honor Roll. Mr. Schroer presented a plaque to Alyssa and thanked her for the representation of Margaretta Schools in the Register.

Board and Staff Reports:

Mr. Schroer introduced Pete Bartkowiak from Townsend Community School to make his monthly report to the Board. Mr. Bartkowiak stated that Townsend has seen an increase in the number of students identified as having a learning handicap. He also stated that since September 1st Townsend has had nine (9) students complete their requirements for graduation. Mr. Bartkowiak thanked the Board for their attendance at the Open House of the Learning Center on October 12, 2015. The Open House was well attended and nearly all of the attendees were impressed with the building. The building extension is going up quickly and ahead of schedule. Mr. Bartkowiak told the Board that Townsend has recently been an approved school for a twenty-two plus program targeting adults to obtain a high school diploma. They have already have fifteen adults who have expressed an interest in enrolling. Townsend is waiting on clarification issues with the Ohio Department of Education before proceeding with this program.

Public Participation:

There was no public participation.

Introduction of Additional Items to the Agenda:

Mr. Schroer requested to modify his report to add under Personnel Actions, Certified Staff Sarah Roan as half-time Assistant Varsity Swim Coach and under Classified Staff to revise Curtis Priesman from Assistant Varsity Swim Coach to a Volunteer for the Swim Team. Mr. Hammond requested to present an amended Five-Year Forecast and supporting documentation under his report.

Treasurer's Report:

Motion by Mrs. McMahon, seconded by Mr. Schoenegge, to approve Board Resolution number 15-16-20, to approve the expenditure of items that exceed $3,000 that have met the "then and now" statutory requirements; Roll Call: Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mrs. Kelble: aye, Mrs. McMahon: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Mr. Hammond presented to the Board a Five Year Forecast for Fiscal Years 2016 through 2020. He mentioned that the district experienced its fifth consecutive year where General Fund revenues exceeded expenditures in the 2014-15 fiscal year. This fiscal year, 2015-16 may end that streak. Pressure on wages and benefits and an expanding number of special education students has led to rising anticipated expenditures in fiscal 2016 and beyond. The only way for the General Fund to sustain being "in the black" is for State Aid increases proportionately to the rise in expenditures. The reduction for the loss in Tangible Personal Property Taxes will start this fiscal year. The phase out will be over $200,000 for the current fiscal year and then will exceed $400,000 in fiscal year 2017. It is anticipated that the phase out will continue at the current rate of 1.75% of Operating Revenue through fiscal year 2020. The replacement will be completely phased out by fiscal year 2021. The original reimbursement amount established in 2005 was greater than $1.6 million. It will be difficult for the District to lose this revenue source without having the voters approve an additional tax initiative.

Motion by Mrs. Kelble, seconded by Mr. Schoenegge, to adopt Board Resolution number 15-16-21 approving a five-year forecast for fiscal years 2016 through 2020 as presented; Roll Call: Mrs. Kelble: aye, Mrs. McMahon: aye, Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Superintendent's Report:

New Business:

Personnel Actions:

Certified Staff:

Motion by Mrs. McMahon, seconded by Mr. Schoenegge, to approve a supplemental contract with Sarah Roan for a half-time Assistant Varsity Swim Coach; Roll Call: Mrs. McMahon: aye, Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mrs. Kelble: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Classified Staff:

Motion by Mrs. McMahon, seconded by Mr. Schoenegge, to approve an extension of the limited contract with Cathy Guyton as an Administrative Assistant through November 20, 2015, and to accept the resignation of Curtis Priesman, half-time Assistant Varsity Swim Coach with the approval of Mr. Priesman as a Volunteer to the Swim team; Roll Call: Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mrs. Kelble: aye, Mrs. McMahon: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Old Business:

There was no pending old business items discussed.

Informational Items:

Mr. Hammond reminded the Board members of the Ohio School Boards' Association Capital Conference to be held November 9 through November 11, 2015 in Columbus. Mr. Miller is the district's delegate. Mr. Schroer announced that the Northwest Ohio School Boards' Association Annual Awards Banquet, Bob Toney received the Central Office Employee of the Year, Margaretta FFA won the Youth Group of the Year and Townsend Ruritan took second for the Community Support Group. Mr. Schroer reminded the Board of the October 30, 2015 application deadline for the Achievement Hall of Fame.

Motion by Mrs. McMahon, seconded by Mrs. Kelble to adjourn the meeting having no further business to come before the board; Roll call: Mrs. Kelble: aye, Mrs. McMahon: aye, Mr. Schoenegge: aye, Mr. Lippert: aye.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted

Elmer Lippert
Board President

Jude T. Hammond


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