2013-11-21 Board Minutes (Special)


The Margaretta Board of Education met in special session at 5:00 P.M. on Thursday November 21, 2013 at the Administration Building.

Mrs. McMahon called the meeting to order no roll call was taken, however, the following Board members were present: Mr. Lippert, Mr. Bodey (although he arrived at 5:25 pm), Mr. Rankin, Mrs. Kelble, and Mrs. McMahon. In addition, Board member-elect Paul Schoenegge, Leroy Carroll, Support Services Director, and Ryan Bohn, Athletic Director were in attendance.

Mr. Hammond discussed an update on the Facilities Report dated June 24, 2013 as follows:

Item 1: improvements to the old bus garage have been completed;

Item 2: removal of the underground fuel storage tanks at the High School and Elementary building has been completed, the funds paid for the purchase of the fuel more than exceeded the cost to remove the tanks;

Item 3: storm drainage improvements and a concrete pad have been completed at the cafeteria entrance to the High School;

Item 4: cameras have been replaced and additional cameras have been installed at the High School;

Item 5: upgrading the electric capacity and the replacement of the transformers at the High School is still pending, last June a proposal to begin the process was not approved by the Board and it was suggested that we should go out to bid for the project next spring to have the work done during the summer so it will not interfere with school days;

Item 6: landscaping in front of the High School has been partially complete; trees have been removed and have mulch in place, tulips have been planted and should appear next spring; the board has suggested turning this beautification of the High School into a community project;

Item 7: roof replacement and improvements to the brick and mortar surrounding the roof of the Junior High School is still pending; would like to coordinate this with the installation of HVAC systems in the building;

Item 8: installation of a new HVAC system to the natatorium has not been started; instead we replaced the broken dehumidifier;

Item 9: the steps in the bleacher area of the natatorium have been repaired;

Item 10: railings and other bleacher improvements have been completed in the gymnasium and at the stadium; we have not addressed the lighting fixtures in the gym nor replaced the ceiling tiles;

Item 11: a suspended ceiling has been added to the hallway between the office and the library at the High School;

Item 12: two roofs at Townsend have been replaced, one roof was over the old locker rooms of the gymnasium on the north side of the main building, and we replaced the roof over the annex building, the cost to replace was reimbursed by Townsend Community School;

Item 13: improvements to the main building at Townsend have not been addressed, including tuck pointing the brick and mortar and landscaping;

Item 14: Townsend Community School has met with an architect and are having plans made to build a 12,000 to 15,000 square foot structure on the High School footprint;

Item 15: improvements to the Elementary building have not been addressed;

Other items raised since the last meeting include repairs to the Field House, installation of a hanging flag in the gym, replacement of the dishwasher in the High School kitchen, future security and safety needs, and continued investments in technology.

There was plenty of discussion on items addressed including the future of the Townsend building, the location of the Townsend Community School building, the need to replace the dishwasher at the high school and the need for safety and security improvements to the facilities.

Mrs. McMahon led a discussion on community engagement. Ideas on how to engage the community included small social meetings, group meetings with various community organizations including the Castalia Lions, Townsend Ruritan, sororities, and churches, parent involvement, conducting meetings in Townsend, at Bay View, and at Groton Township. The discussion should be centered around replacement or maintaining facilities. It was agreed that the solution for our district's facilities will have to include community engagement.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to adjourn the meeting having no further business to come before the Board; Roll Call: Mr. Bodey: aye; Mr. Rankin: aye; Mrs. Kelble: aye; Mr. Lippert: aye; Mrs. McMahon: aye.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Jude T. Hammond

Joann McMahon
Board President