2010-03-15 Board Minutes


The Margaretta Board of Education met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Monday March 15, 2010 at the Administrative Offices.

Mr. Lippert called the meeting to order with roll call; all present.

Motion by Mr. Myers, second by Mr. Bodey to approve the minutes from February 15 2010 Regular Meeting and the March 8, 2010 Special Meeting as presented; Roll call: all ayes.

The Financial Report and Schedule of Bills

Mr. Hammond told the Board that financial position of the district is where it is expected to be at this time. He mentioned that funds may be a little tight because the settlement of first half property taxes has been delayed in Erie County. We should be in the black at the end of March and then we will expend more than we will receive in final quarter of the fiscal year.

Board and Staff Reports:

Mr. Kurt introduced Carol Kuns and she introduced Barbara Hanck from the Sandusky/Erie County Community Foundation. They presented a mock-check in the amount of $46,840 for the purpose of providing teacher grants for the district into the future. In the past four years, the Foundation has granted $24,000 per year for the teacher grants. The teacher have used these grant dollars to enhance the educational process, including having authors and speakers to make presentation in our district. These dollars will be kept by the Foundation and will be earmarked for Margaretta Schools. The Board thanked Carol and Barb and the Foundation for their support over the years and into the future. The audience applauded the presentation.

Public Participation:

Sheila Heimlein had a question about the Board voting on the resolution to proceed with a termination at the March 8 Special Meeting, she wondered if a vote had taken place in executive session. Mr. Lippert responded and said that all voting of the board is done in public session and that there were no votes taken in the executive session.

Gary Smith had several questions for the board and administration relative to the disciplinary process, including what leave is available for teachers during the school year; does a teacher need to provide documentation for being ill; is attendance part of the performance review process; does some one monitor sick leave use; what constitutes falsification of sick leave; what is the grievance procedure within the collective bargaining agreement; does the board of the ability to be creative in issuing discipline; when can the superintendent remove a teacher without prior consent from the board; has there been any teacher in the previous five years reprimanded for abuse of sick leave; how many teachers have been terminated from abuse of sick leave; how much money has the board spent on investigating the falsification of sick leave alleged to have occurred by Sallie Smith. Mr. Smith concluded his remarks with a supportive statement of Sallie Smith and her family, a story of how his son made a mistake and how the judge handled the case, he request that the board put an end to the investigation have "her payback the cost" and return to work. He stated that he would continue to vote yes on the school levies because he believes that the children should not suffer from this process, but he may not vote for the board members who decide to run for school board in the future. Mr. Lippert, Mr. Kurt and Mr. Hammond attempted to answer the questions that Mr. Smith asked or would get back with him with an answer. Mr. Lippert thanked Gary for his comments.

Introduction of Additional Items to the Agenda:

Mr. Hammond requested that item #1 be removed from the agenda, there were no Then and Now expenditures which required board action at this time.

Treasurer's Report:

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Myers to adopt Board Resolution Number 09-10-70, to accept the amounts and rates as determined by the Erie County Budget Commission for tax year 2010; Roll Call: All ayes.

Superintendent's Report:

New Business:

Motion by Mr. Myers, seconded by Mr. Bodey, to adopt Board Resolution number 09-10-71, to approve the recommend Idling Time Policy for all diesel fueled vehicles in the District; Roll call: All ayes.

Mr. Kurt presented a resolution that would amend the previously approved resolution, number 09-10-69, to consider termination of a teaching contract with Sallie Smith, adding an additional date, December 4, 2009, as dates whereby Mrs. Smith falsified the request for use of sick leave.

Motion by Mr. Myers, seconded by Mr. Bodey, to amend Board Resolution number 09-10-69, to add December 4, 2009 as an additional date of falsification of sick leave by Sallie Smith; Roll call: all ayes, except Mr. Rankin abstained.

Personnel Actions:

Certified Staff:

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Stark, to accept the resignation of John Eschels who has expressed his intention to retire at the end of his current contract: Roll Call: All ayes.

Classified Staff:

Motion by Mr. Myers, seconded by Mr. Bodey, to accept the resignation of Jen Pooch as Junior Varsity Assistant Softball Coach; Roll call: All ayes, with exception of Mr. Stark who abstained.

Motion by Mr. Rankin, seconded by Mr. Myers, to approve the hiring of Donald Henry as a substitute Bus Driver, pending he has met all state and local requirements; and

To approve the following supplemental contracts:

Brent Arndt – change from Varsity Assistant Softball to Junior Varsity Softball coach at level 1, and
Carl James – Varsity Assistant Softball Coach

Roll call: all ayes.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Rankin, to approve the following volunteers:

Deven Siesel – track, and
John Yount – tract; and

The following student teachers for next school year:

Kathryn Osbourne with Tim Tucker and Marnie Hallett-Symanski from August 24 through December 10, 2010, and
Allison Macko with Sarah Roan and Lindsay Miller from August 24 through December 10, 2010;

Roll Call: All ayes.

Old Business:

No pending matters to be reported.

Informational Items:

No informational items were presented.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, seconded by Mr. Stark, to enter into executive session to discuss personnel and negotiations; Roll Call: all ayes.

The Board convened into executive session at 8:45 p.m. with Mr. Kurt and Mr. Hammond present during the executive session.

Motion by Mr. Bodey, second by Mr. Myers, the board returned from executive session at 9:38. Roll call: all ayes.

Motion by Mr. Myers, second by Mr. Bodey to adjourn the meeting having no further business to come before the board; Roll call: all ayes.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Jude T. Hammond
Treasurer/Business Manager